What Turns A Guy Off While Texting


What turns a guy off while texting. Look, sometimes you might say things in real life that turn a guy off.

  • I think I have milk breath.
  • Do you think this type of cheese will give me the gas?
  • I mean, I haven’t shaved anywhere since the pandemic started.

What turns a guy off while texting

Look, sometimes you just say things and you want to take it back but you can’t because it’s real life.
But here’s the thing, when it comes to texting people, you can think through your texts before you send them. So in this article, I’m gonane giving you 5 texts that are guaranteed what turns a guy off while texting.
And before you ever send a text to a guy that you are talking to, make sure you read this article, just to verify it’s none of these texts, it’s going to help you out a lot and make sure that you build a connection. Keep reading.

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So let’s just jump into those five texts-

1 hey

This text translates into, dance for me, clown, dance. We are not your clown and we are not there to just entertain you when you are bored. Add value to your texts. I mean, this text just screams from a mountaintop that you have absolutely nothing interesting at all going on in your life, and you are bored as fu*k.

High-quality men are looking for women with interests and things going on in their life, and not women who are just sitting at home every single day watching NetFlix. And I get it before you react, I get it, right now is difficult, and we are looking for engagement and ways to be entertained by people digitally. But this text is not the way to go about it.

Let’s jump into the second text & what turns a guy off while texting

2 If you want to

This is when a guy asks you if you want to do something and you do not want to do it, but this particular test is just a little passive-aggressive. It translates into, I don’t want to do this particular thing, but I guess I’ll do it just because you kind of want to do it. If you don’t wanna do something, be real with someone.

If you do want to do something, be excited about it, but do not send these types of texts that are ambiguous.

Let’s go to the third text to never send a guy & how to turn a guy off

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3 hello?

Dear god, women, if he did not respond to your first text, he didn’t respond for a reason. As a personal pet peeve, it drives me crazy when people send you a text and if you don’t respond within the first hour they send you the text that says hello with a question mark. That is insane. If he hasn’t responded yet, number one, it is probably causes he’s busy and he’s doing other things and he’s just not able to respond yet.

Or reason number 2 is that he saw the text and he just didn’t want to respond. And I don’t know if you know this, but Americans spend on average five hours a day on their phones. If he didn’t respond immediately, or even within the last day, he saw your texts, he just doesn’t want to respond to it. And the worst thing that you can do is a high-value woman keeps following up with him and keep hitting him up. If a guy blows you off, that is his loss. I want you to say that magical four-letter word which is next and Move on to the next of what turns a guy off while texting.

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4 Can’t wait for tonight

Now if this is the first date and you’re using exclamation points with a ton of emojis, you probably want to tone back the eagerness a little bit.

Don’t use this much emotion at this stage, it’s just a little too early, tone it back a little bit and save some of that energy when you do meet him in real life, and be sure that you do bring that incredibly vibrant, playful energy to that date. Slow it down a little bit. Let him work for those exclamation points before you give it to him.

And finally in what turns a guy off while texting, the last text that drives me bonkers and is guaranteed to turn most guys off

5 I’m so bored

This once again screams, my life sucks, please save me.

We are all bored, it’s a pandemic, but you do not have to advertise that to the world. Add value in your texting to get value in return. So here is what turns a guy off while texting, I want to hear from you in the comments below, are you guilty of any of these texts?

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll speak to you, you sexy single lady, next topic, bye-bye.


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