What kind of tops to wear with long skirts

How To Wear Long Skirts Casually

What kind of tops to wear with long skirts ?

Okay, so I guess it’s time for me to cop to the fact that I am a flower child who was born in the wrong decade. Seriously, I love the whole flower child vibe and I especially love those long flowing skirts, you know the ones that many people call gypsy skirts?

But those aren’t exactly suitable work wear so I’ve had to learn how to shop for maxi skirts (meaning ankle-length skirts) and how to wear them & What kind of tops to wear with long skirts?

What kind of tops to wear with long skirts

A woman knows a skirt-chaser.

I have kids so it’s not often that I get to spend money on clothing for myself and somehow I always feel guilty when I do. But buying clothing for yourself at least once a year is a justifiable expense and if you’re a smart shopper who uses coupons then it is truly worth it.

Now back to maxi skirts!

All Maxi Skirts Are NOT Alike

What kind of tops to wear with long skirts? You’d think that a maxi skirt is a maxi skirt right, What kind of tops to wear with long skirts? Wrong! I honestly think that maxi skirts are the one thing that people have been playing with, designing, perfecting, tailoring and recreating for centuries and there are hundreds, if not thousands of different styles.

Just visiting one store doesn’t make this very obvious but a single online search and you’ll see what I mean! So be careful when you’re shopping and if possible try on a whole bunch of different styles and types before actually buying. When you find one that looks good on you, then try to stick to that style whether you’re shopping online or in-store!

I go through different phases and change my mind about my style all the time. In the winter, I wanted to wear jeans and pumps and black and leather all the time. Right now, I want to wear long skirts and belts, with my hair in a ponytail. It changes all the time!


This brings me to my next point – proper pairing. A skirt is a little more difficult to match with a top than pants & What kind of tops to wear with long skirts ? and if you wear the wrong thing the whole outfit can be ruined!

There are some simple rules of thumb that you can use to make sure you’re headed in the right direction at least. Looser flowing skirts, particularly Bohemian styles, look best when worn with a slightly tighter fitting top. For more fitting skirts a looser top is an ideal contrast.

Cropped tops always look great with maxi skirts as the skirt keeps the line of your body going even though the shirt stops at your waist. But cropped tops and a bit of a tummy do not go together so beware!

If you’re not very tall then shirts that stop at your natural waistline and a pair of heels can do wonders to make you appear slightly longer than you are! Layered tops work well for tall figured women.

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I liked long skirts,” he said nostalgically. “I liked the underthings women wore. The petticoats.

Tuck It In Or Leave It Out

What kind of tops to wear with long skirts? This is another one of those things that there are no hard and fast rules about. It’s trial and error combined with what you are comfortable with. But if tucking a top in will create an unsightly bulge or ruin the flow of the skirt then rather leave it out.

Thin cashmere or sweaters that are so thin they appear more like shirts look quite elegant when tucked in as does any style of top that is more fitting at the waist. (What kind of tops to wear with long skirts)

Layering is also a good option, a simple t-shirt with an unbuttoned blouse over the top hides any bulges caused by tucking in but still allows the top of the skirt to show. And lastly, the textures of the top and skirt don’t have to match but they must be complementary! (What kind of tops to wear with long skirts ?)

In the days when I wasn’t being taken seriously, I wore long skirts – very conservative. But now, I dress any way I want to.”

How To Wear Long Skirts Casually?

Colour Palette

This is one f those things that rely on personal taste with a good dose of simple logic. As with all clothing – never wear colours that clash! If you’re going monochrome, or all one colour, then try to avoid too many different shades. I always say that each shade is a colour on its own and I try to avoid wearing more than three colours in a single outfit.

This is not to say I won’t wear patterned tops or bottoms but they all have one colour that is more prevalent than the others and that’s the one I count.

Don’t mix patterns. If you have a patterned skirt then go for a solid coloured top and if the top is patterned then the skirt should be solid. Do not ever mix spots, stripes, florals, diagonals or any type of pattern, ever!

Shoes Are Optional

I have heard that any type of shoe works well with a maxi skirt and in fact, I have even seen it for myself. I would personally never be caught dead wearing sneakers with a maxi skirt but some do and seem to pull it off somehow.

Pointed or rounded toes and heels seem to work best with maxi skirts, but some heels work better than others so check in the mirror before heading out.

If you’re taller, flats or sandals are best, especially if you’re trying to appear shorter than you are.

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You can go completely casual with beaded sandals or espadrilles for that beach look, or else go with wedges for a slightly more dressed up look. In my opinion, any style of boots can be worn with anything, as long as you have enough boots you’ll find a pair that works!

Pairing boots with a maxi skirt is one of that try on in front of a mirror things because the truth is that no matter how much you love that particular pair, there are times when there is no earthly way that they’ll look good with the outfit you’re wearing!

Wearing a maxi skirt ( What kind of tops to wear with long skirts ) means you’re going to be spending a lot of time in front of a mirror making sure that everything works together, but as long as you’re patient and you make sure you have at least an hour to get an outfit together then you’ll be golden! And honestly, a maxi skirt is so versatile every girl should have at least three in her closet!


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