What glasses look good on me quiz

Top Tips For What glasses look good on me quiz



What glasses look good on my quiz? Buying eyeglasses online and in particular designer frames as a fashion accessory is becoming more and more popular. There are many reasons for going online, from attractive prices to the sheer range of frames online sellers can stock. But low prices and vast range might also mean that you’ll end up with the wrong pair, so what’s a girl to do?

12% of people with glasses wear them as an attempt to see better. 88% of people with glasses wear them as an attempt to appear smarter.
– Mokokoma Mokhonoana

What glasses look good on me quiz

If you’re considering spending some of your hard earn cash on new eyeglasses and letting your fingers do the work seems like a good idea, here are a couple of tips to help your shopping spree & What glasses look good on me quiz.

Q. What is my face shape?

Did you know that most people change their eyeglasses approximately every 3 years? What glasses look good on me quiz ? When it’s time to get new glasses, you want to make sure you get the shape right! With so many glasses to choose from, knowing what suits you best can really help in bringing out your unique facial contours.

Q. What is my face shape?

In order to choose What glasses look good on me properly, you first need to identify your facial features. There are 5 main categories of face shapes:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Heart
  • Triangular
  • Oval

Top Tips For Choosing What glasses look good on me quiz :

1. Matching The Frames To Your Hair, Eyes and Skin – 

Knowing which style suits your face shape and skin will help you. We found that if your natural colouring (hair, skin and eyes) is dark, you’ll easily be able to carry dark, bold glasses and if your natural colouring is light to medium the best match is probably paler colours such as cream with rimless or delicate frames.

2. Focus On One Style and Stick With It –

There are thousands of frames to choose from, be it a particular frame type you always wanted to the particular frame material. Narrow down your search and focus on the type of style you want and that style that compliments your look.

3. Look At All The Brands Catering For Your Style –

Now that you’ve focused your search, look at less known designer brands on top of the well-known brands. Sure, everyone is familiar with DKNY, Benetton, etc, but also consider less known brands. To name just a few, brands such as Nicole Farhi and Jeff Banks will not only make your new frames stand out from the crowd, they might also give you that special look other brands can’t.

4. Try The Frames Online –

Many online sellers offer some type of functionality that will allow you to upload your picture and superimpose the frames on your face. The results are 100% realistic and you can even save the results to share with your friends, family and people at work. Take the time to try a few frames and consider saving some of the results to share among your friends for a second opinion.

5. Consider Eyeglasses Even If You Don’t Need One –

Because nowadays spectacles and eyeglasses are seen as a fashion accessories, many of us even those who don’t need eyeglasses will often wear a pair on a night out. More and more people will wear frames with no lenses or with plastic lenses simply because they rock with eyeglasses.

Your Glasses Aren’t the Best Fit- 4 Signs

1. Your Prescription
The prescription of your glasses is arguably the most important thing to look for. After all, the fit of your glasses doesn’t matter much if you can’t see.

In all seriousness, there are a few telltale signs that your prescription is not right for you:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Vertigo
  • Blurry vision

Keep in mind that an imperfect prescription may not always be as noticeable as just not being able to see clearly.

In fact, you might be able to see perfectly fine and still get headaches. So make sure to always listen to your body and take into careful consideration that your prescription could be causing subtle problems for you.

2. Eye Position
The position in which your eyes are placed behind your glasses can greatly affect your vision.

Positioning your eyes too far down the frames of your glasses, or sliding your glasses down so your eyes are too high up in the frames can negatively affect your ability to see.

When fitting your glasses to the contours of your face, it is important to keep in mind that your eyes should be situated just above the centre of your lens.

You should never position your eyes anywhere below the centre of your lenses.

3. Frame Size
How big or small your frames are in relation to the dimensions of your face can also impact the overall comfort of your new glasses.

You will know you have a good frame size because the frames of your glasses will seem to fit your face perfectly.

If you feel like your frames are so small that they seem to sink into your face, or so big that they seem to protrude, your glasses are probably not right for you.

Use the end piece of your lens as a marker for how your lens fits onto your face. The end piece should be lined up with your temples, the widest part of your face.

4. The Bridge
Last, but certainly not least, is judging the comfort level of the bridge of your frames.

Ask yourself:

Does the bridge of your glasses dig into the base of your nose?
Are your glasses constantly sliding off of your face?
Are your frames resting on your cheekbones?

All these are signs that the bridge of your frames is not right for you.

Comfort is, of course, a very important aspect when it comes to picking out your glasses.

Your glasses should fit firmly, yet smoothly on your nose, with no rubbing or irritation, and the bridge should be able to hold the glasses in place without you having to push them back up, or take them off altogether.

Additionally, make sure that the pads that are placed on either side of your nose fit snuggly, and comfortably. They also should not irritate your skin, or be so loose that they do not provide any support.

What glasses look good on me quiz – Enjoy your new frames!