What Does BTS Stand For

What does BTS stand for?

Who is BTS | what is BTS | what does BTS stand for? | a story of BTS today everyone knows the name of BTS. They’ve been invited onto late-night talk shows they’ve shattered records they’ve sold out stadiums, they’ve made it onto on the big screen, these days you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t know who these guys were or at least haven’t heard one of their songs and if they have done either they’ve been living under a rock or they’re 100 years old.

What does BTS stand for

Many of us have asked ourselves, “What do BTS stand for?” this seven-member K-pop band is known for its amazing stage performances and catchy songs. It’s hard to categorize them into categories, but you can easily tell what they stand for by listening to their music. There are so many reasons to love BTS, from their empowering messages to their amazing stage performances. Here are some of them.

Army-: adorable representative mc for youth

The success of the bang tan boys is worldwide but it wasn’t always like this, the very existence of BTS can be owed to its founding father an innovator by the name of hitman bang.

What does BTS stand for?
Hitman Bang

His idea to create a rap group was somewhat inspired by the gym in the late90s he experimented with this idea with different trainees eventually choosing 7 members and while 3 of them eventually left the remaining 4 (teddy, Danny, Jinhua, and bake young) debuted in 1998 as one time.

What does BTS stand for
Teddy, Danny, Jinhua and bake young

Their first album titled onetime for your mind was one of the year’s best-selling albums and won several awards including the global disc and subs music awards for best new artist and MTV’s award for best hip hop artists.

The group enjoyed moderate success and released 4 more albums before going on indefinite highs in 2006 due to their mandatory military service.

The year was 2010 and the five-year-old company big hit entertainment had previously signed two artists 8eight and 2 am. They had their share of successes but they were very traditional K-pop groups big hit wanted a fresh new sound and upon listening to one-time CEO hitman bang is-hyuk had decided that that was the sound that he was looking for on top of that the youth need someone to relate to and more importantly look up to he had decided he would create a hip-hop group.

Kim Namjoon

Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon

At 15 years old Kim Namjoon auditioned for a certain big deal record which he completely botched forgetting the lyrics to the song he was performing afterwards, fellow rapper sleep recommended that he try auditioning another label bight and even put in a good word for him to one of the producers there at age 16 Kim Namjoon auditioned in front of bang si-hyuk himself and instantly impressed him. He was offered to deal with a big hit on the spot which Kim Namjoon accepted and became a trainee officially choosing a name for himself rap monster destined to become the leader of the newly created group. Now that a fearless leader was chosen, they needed more members.




Was a 17-year-old living in degu an avid basketball player and rapper who had been interested in music especially rap from a very early age and despite his parents’ disapproval started performing as a rapper while still in high school he quickly gained attention as a rapper and producer in the underground hip-hop scene.

One day he saw a flyer for a rap competition called “hit it” and decided to participate and although he only placed second the company hosted the competition. You guessed it “bit hit” decided to sign him on as a producer.

Hitman bang is-hyuk with him afterwards convincing him to join a newly created hip-hop group. He told him to just focus on rapping and assured him that he wouldn’t need to dance. He was lying and just like that the new group had the second member is known as the combination of the first two syllables of shooting guard, his favourite position in basketball but they wouldn’t stop there the rappers were nice but the big hit needs did dancer.

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Jung hoseok

Jung Hoseok
Jung Hoseok

Always loved dancing, he was in the starting lineup of the dance crew neuron in his hometown Guangzhou. He was good at it too winning several local championships and even winning a championship at the national level in 2008. While he did perform at several competitions hosted by jyp and even won some of them ultimately went on to audition for a smaller lesser-known company big hit entertainment. His dance skills and strong understanding of rhythm made him an instant favourite and he was signed on as j-hope not only that but they saw potential in him to become a rapper which at this point he had little experience with however-hope decided to leave big hit until army convinced both j-hope and big hit that the group wouldn’t be complete without him. He was right.

With the addition of j-hope, the rap line was complete. Now they needed some singers, now just like how rm an amazing rapper with a ton of experience was chosen as the first official member of the rap line, it would only make sense that a legendary singer and dancer would be the perfect first member of the vocal line right.

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Kim Seok-jin

Kim Seok-jin
Kim Seok-jin

But Kim Seok-jin didn’t have any sort of experience like that believe it or not one day when he was walking on the streets of his home to Nanyang. He was approached by a representative of sm entertainment with an offer to work for the company in typical jinn fashion he never followed up with them because he believed it to be a scam. Jyn was a very good looking guy because years later this time as a college student in Seoul he was once again approached the street. This time by an executive at big hit entertainment.

He didn’t sing. He didn’t dance. He was at school to become an actor and he decided to audition to become an actor big hit, however, had different plans for him and convinced him to become a vocalist for their new group to do so, he learned to dance and sing starting from zero but thankfully not without help from other vocalists.


Jeon Jung kook

Jeon Jung Kook
Jeon Jung Kook

Jeon Jung kook initially had dreams of becoming a bandsman player when he was young but seeing g-dragon perform heartbreakers on television influenced him to want to become a singer instead, because of this at only age 14 he decided to audition for the South Korean talent show superstar k.

He didn’t pass auditions but this was just enough to catch the eye of not one of the companies, not two companies but seven different companies. This included jyp, fnc, wool Lim, starship entertainment, ts entertainment, cube and of course bight entertainment so why did Jungkook give the choice of all these bigger companies decided to go with the relatively smaller-company. Big hit the answer was simple because he thought and I quote rm was cool so I wanted to sign with them that brings the number of members to five the next member of BTS was just as surprised to find big hit as big hit was to find him and it almost didn’t happen.


Kim Taeyang

Kim Taeyang
Kim Taeyang

Kim Taeyang was always passionate about music and it was always his dream to pursue it as a career however it was hard as his family was poor his parents being humble farmers his father told him that if he was passionate about music, he should learn an instrument and he did spend 3 years practising with the saxophone.

One day one of his friends decided to audition for big hit entertainment when they were holding auditions in his hometown of Daegu, Taeyang being a good friend came with him to keep him company but when one of the team members in charge of the audition saw Taeyang he encouraged him to audition as well with nothing to lose did, that day he was the only one in Daegu move on to the next round of auditions and eventually became a trainee for big hit entertainment.

They decided to keep him as a surprise member and didn’t want to reveal him as one of the members until his debut. In the same vein, the big hit had he chosen something mysterious for his stage name he decided to go with v for victory.


Here seems like a nice round number to stop right six members for a new hip-hop group.

3 rappers and 3 vocalis

It seems like a complete group but still something was missing someone that could take this already great group of artists and push it even further to achieve perfection powerhouse someone so naturally talented that they could stand out in a room full of already talented artists this project that big hit had embarked upon needed a capstone.

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Park Jimin

Park Jimin
Park Jimin

Park Jimin was a naturally talented dancer when he was in middle school, he attended a dance academy and continued to pursue dance at Busan high school of arts where he studied contemporary dance and was the top student in the whole modern dance department impressed by his raw talent a teacher encouraged him to audition for big hit entertainment who were holding auditions in Busan. He was only 16 when he passed the audition and moved to Seoul to become a trainee. He was the final member of the group and he also had the shortest training period. What’s interesting to note is that the group feels very much ragtag because in a sense except for Jimin and j-hope it was rm auditioned for the big hit. After all, he didn’t pass his auditions with the first company he chose and despite their amazing talent sugar and junk kook didn’t win the competitions they were but they signed on to big hit after the fact because of their high-quality performances.

V never even planned on auditioning and just decided to do it on a whim and they literally just found a jinn on the streets but perhaps it was fate because this was the group that they chose and just like that in 2012 the newly created bang tan consonantal bulletproof boy scouts or simply BTS was 7.

They had the group but they still needed the music. In early 2013 they set out to create some social media presence for themselves before officially debuting posting song covers on both SoundCloud and YouTube which you can still go watch today.

In May, big hit launched a countdown clock on their website in preparation for BTS’s debut album complete with a trailer and a ton of promotional material including photos for the first time of all the members in the official lineup.

Finally, the big day came June 12th, 2013 BTS held a press conference and a debut showcase where they performed their two singles no more dream and we are bulletproof part two.

The same day the two cool-for-school albums as well as the music video for no more dream was released…

The very next day, BTS performed the song again on their official debut stage on mint’s countdown.

This was the world’s first taste of BTS. Commercially the album didn’t do extraordinarily well the lead single no more dream peaked at 124 in Korea and the album sold only 24000 copies during its first year. Bulletproof part 2 didn’t even chart the first the year wasn’t all that great for BTS but despite everything, people saw them, people saw the sparkle in their eyes and they are limitless potential and they were hot of course on July 9th army was established as BTS’s official fandom.

They made their comeback only two months later in September when they released their single no along with their ep part two of what would be their school trilogy oh are you late too in the music video for the single, they made a commentary on the harsh Korean education system along with their previous themes of hopes and dreams no peaked at 92 in Korea but also quickly fell off the charts. The album debuted at number 4 on the gown weekly chart and was the 55th best-selling album in South Korea that year.

This was enough to secure them the coveted new artist of the year award at the melon music awards the golden disc awards and the Seoul music awards. Part 3 of the school, a trilogy was released in February of 2014 the ep school love affair. This time the lead single was a boy in love and another single being just one day the album, as well as both singles, enjoyed moderate success with the album topping the gown album chart as well as making its first international appearance at number 3 on the Billboard world albums chart.

The album also marked their first distinctive change in theme focusing more on school life and young love as evidenced by their boy and love music video they also held their first fan meetings with a crowd of 3000 in Seoul. BTS was doing well that is until July, this is, unfortunately, a dark chapter in the lives of the brand army that’s right American hustle life.

I’m joking of course but American hustle life was a reality show put together the payment that brought BTS to Los Angeles where they had the unique opportunity to learn the true ways of hip-hop from the masters and it was a pretty darn cringe opportunity butane opportunity none the less whatever you do just don’t watch the warren g version of Boeing love. You’ve been warned however cringe and all the trip proved fruitful for BTS making connections performing their first us concert for free in front of 200 fans, as well as their first appearance at the icon.

The next month in august BTS, released their first full-length studio album dark and wild the album featured two singles danger, the album featured a marked shift in sound with a touch of rib and electronica, it was met with moderate success peaked at number 2 in Korea selling over 200,000 albums in October and again in many of the following year, BTS won on their first and second concert tours are known as the red bullet tour where they visited 13 different countries including Japan, the Philippines, Australia, Mexico, and many others.

They also came out with their first Japanese album in December wake up featuring many Japanese versions of their songs, as well as original tracks, wake up and the stars followed by a Japan tour and a solo concert in Korea although dark and wild got decent attention they needed something different they needed something that would shake things up, they got to work on April 29, 2015, was their comeback, when this album was produced each member had a hand in writing songs for the album.

They again changed their sound from aggressive hip hop to youthful colourful styles and not only their sound but their image as well this can be evidenced by the newest ep the most beautiful moment in life and just by looking at the album, the cover they ditched the dark colours and the bulletproof vest symbol that had become so synonymous with BTS and replaced it with a simple white and pink background overlaid with the title and then they drop the single that would change everything.

It was sentimental, it was hopeful, it was new just by looking at the music video we can see that BTS has also ditched their punk bad boy image and replaced it with a more real vulnerable down-to-earth and youthful feel this proved to be the change that is needed for mainstream success Billboard called it one of the greatest-pop songs of the decade it charted at number 5 in Korea and even led they to their first music show win on subs MTV’s show and that wasn’t all they released their second single dope on June 24th.


The group’s name, BTS, stands for the Korean phrase Bangtan Sonyeondan (Korean: 방탄소년단; Hanja: 防彈|少年|團), literally meaning “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”. According to member J-Hope, the name signifies the group’s desire “to block out stereotypes, criticisms, and expectations that aim at adolescents like bullets”.



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