What Do Men Find Attractive In Women 7 Tips

Do you know What Do Men Find Attractive In Women? Hey there, maria from desiredox.com. where I help the 21st-century woman create a love life that she freaking loves. And in this special article right now I’m gonna be talking about the 7 sexy things that What Do Men Find Attractive In Women.

What Do Men Find Attractive In Women

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1. Matching Lingerie

The first one is matching lingerie. Let’s get something straight here, alright? Men will love any woman in underwear. Period. It shows us enough to get us excited but it doesn’t show too much to kill the mystery. It’s just f****** awesome. But if you know how to match that lingerie and show that you put in some effort, then boom. You’ll be turning him on like Donkey Kong.AKA, you’ll give him a man’s best friend.

2. Allow Him To Protect You

Number two in What Do Men Find Attractive In Women is to put him in the protector of modern relationship. Now, chalk it up to a man’s ego or chalk it up to just evolutionary biology, but take it from a guy. A guy’s instinct is to want to protect a woman. If you hear a noise in the middle of the night, it’s ok to kinda give him a nudge and have him go and check to see if there’s anyone there. If you want him to walk you home because it’s a little late at night, have him walk you home. Tell him you feel so safe in his arms. These are the types of things that appeal to a man’s masculinity and he’s going to be very attracted to that and it’s gonna actually kind of get him in the mood for a little bit of fun later.

3. Play With Your Hair

Number three is playing with the hair. Now, back when I used to coach men on how to be able to approach and flirt with you, I would always explain that if a woman is playing with her hair when she’s talking to you, this is a very strong indicator of interest that What Do Men Find Attractive In Women. Now, you might not necessarily be aware of this and you probably do this anyway when you are attracted to a guy, but if you can even just lightly play with the hair when you’re talking to a guy, it’s not only flirtatious but it’s also giving them that hint that, yes, of course, you’re interested in something a little bit more.

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4. Playful Testing

Number four is playful teasing. Now, there’s a difference between playful flirtatious teasing and just being straight-up mean. Playful teasing is that you think you look good tonight. So this way he can respond with the damn right I do! But not as good as you. That’s flirting. Fun and sexy banter. However, mean teasing is where the hell did you get that ugly ass shirt? And which he’ll probably respond with the same place you got your ugly ass face. You get the point. Poke fun a little bit, have a good time with it, but maintain his smile and keep it light and playful. Alright? You’re not out to hurt someone’s feelings, you’re out to playfully tease. Big difference, ok?

5. Make Him Feel Desired

Number five of What Do Men Find Attractive In Women, make him feel desired. I dare you to go ahead and tell your guy right now, I wish I could tell you how badly I want you but I’m trying to be a good girl. Bam, right there he’s gonna look at that text and be so excited and turned on because not only does he feel desired but also there that hint of a challenge that kind of is involved, intertwined with that particular text. Throw him that text and you are going to get him just burning for you.

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6. Be Confident

Number six is self-confidence. Confident people want to mate with other well-put-together people. There’s a better chance, of course, that you’re going to have a healthy family and a healthy relationship. And, believe it or not, being with a woman who doesn’t feel whole, who doesn’t feel like she has her whole life together, who’s not excited to be who she is is going to be less attractive than a woman who has worked on herself, who’s put in that effort to be a that incredible person, and that is truly an incredible turn on & What Do Men Find Attractive In Women.

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7. Feel Sexy

Number seven, women who think they’re sexy that What Do Men Find Attractive In Women. You don’t need to flaunt your shit everywhere you go. But, on the other hand, I want you to feel sexy. And I don’t care what you look like, you are sexy to someone. I remember before I started Sexy ConfidenceI used to coach men on how to be able to meet you.

And we used to have this intake form asking guys what it is that he was interested in, what type of not only personality characteristics he was looking for in a woman, but also what kind of physical characteristics? What’s he into? What is he attracted to? And I’ll tell you what, it was… it was mindblowing the type of responses that I would get from different types of guys.

I mean, I’m telling you, I always assumed, of course, that guys would be attracted to the same type of women that I was attracted to. Right? But it was never the case. And the type… one guy who came from a certain culture would always be attracted to a different type of woman than I would assume that he’d be attracted to. And it was just all over the map.

It was an incredible thing to start kind of witnessing every time I’d look at these kinds of intake forms. And I’d be out coaching with these guys and I would point out a woman that I think would be very attractive and the guys would say, “No, no, no. That’s not my type.”And then he’d point to a woman that I wouldn’t find attractive and he’d say, “Now, that my type.”

So the point here is that it doesn’t matter who you are, what size you are, who you look like. There is a guy or a whole group of guys who find you incredibly sexy. So it’s great to own that characteristic and feel sexy every single day and every time you go out meeting new guys.

You’ve gotta remember, you are a sexy beast. Don’t be afraid to unleash it. So I wanna hear from you. What turns you on? Because maybe I can learn a few things from you.

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