True Love Is When He Ignores You

When A Man Ignores You- True Love Is When He Ignores You

True Love Is When He Ignores You Being ignored by a man you care about is a terrible feeling it’s right there next to rejection but maybe even worse that’s because when someone is ignoring you (When A Man Ignores You).

It’s like they’re inflicting physical pain on you but without any visible bruising so why do men do it and what should you do if you’re being ignored well in this completely new and updated article I’m going to explain exactly what he’s thinking when When A Man Ignores You and I’ll give you 3 powerful tips to ensure you get his attention back on you for good I’ve made a similar article last year but in this new article I simplify and better explain how a man thinks when he ignores you and more importantly you will learn three powerful new tips that have evolved over the past few years and work better than ever don’t go anywhere because we’re starting right now.

True Love Is When He Ignores You

“I don’t like being ignored, and I don’t like being forgotten.”

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Everyone knows that ignoring someone who cares about you is a mean and cruel thing to do so why do people do it well believe it or not there are only two main reasons that explain 99 of all situations that’s right nearly every example of the silent treatment happens because either number one he’s trying to manipulate you or number two he doesn’t care about you.

And I know those are both bad right well don’t worry because I’m going to explain what he’s thinking and I’ll tell you exactly how to turn things around and get his undivided attention back on you but I have to warn you before you do anything you have to be sure that he is ignoring you because if you panic too soon and accuse an innocent man of ignoring you.

You could be sabotaging your chances of the relationship working out so you’ve got to be completely certain that you aren’t overreacting and panicking when there may be a legitimate and harmless reason for his lack of communication.

I know that some of you have become very skilled at knowing when your messages are being ignored because you can see him active online or on Facebook or WhatsApp even though he still hasn’t responded to your texts or calls that’s when you start thinking that his silence is intentional or that he’s not responding to you on purpose be careful here if a man doesn’t reply to your text right away but eventually he gets back to you in the next few hours or the next day.

When A Man Ignores You

This isn’t such big deal chances are he’s got a good explanation and a good reason for not getting back to you but if someone is leaving you unanswered after days and days and you see him online and posting on social media then you know that you’re being ignored and now you can start to worry and of course, if you’ve had an argument or fight then you know that he’s ignoring you because he’s angry or upset but if there’s nothing out of the ordinary that has happened and you don’t know the reason why When A Man Ignores You that’s when you start questioning everything you start replaying everything in your head over and over trying to figure out what happened was it something you said did he learn something about you that he didn’t like and honestly that’s incredibly difficult to handle because it heightens your anxiety to the level of almost panicking and here’s why being ignored forces you to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity.

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Your brain doesn’t like uncertainty or ambiguity uncertainty activates the amygdala the region of the brain responsible for processing emotional reactions and threat responses the amygdala can’t separate physical threats like someone coming at you with a knife from silly threats like someone not responding to your text message so when you’re being ignored it makes you feel afraid almost like you’re panicking being ignored also activates the anterior cingulate cortex the part of the brain that detects physical pain that means the same areas of the brain that make you feel physical pain are activated when you’re being ignored and then you feel physical symptoms too these symptoms could include anything from headaches to stomach pains as well as insomnia and anxiety and fatigue, yeah being ignored hurts and it hurts a lot so why do men use the silent treatment?????????

“The best thing you can do when people are ignoring you is to just keep your chin up, girl.”

let’s start

1. He’s trying to control or manipulate you

In some way, the silent treatment is often used as a form of punishment or manipulation when a person is upset or angry or disappointed this type of punishment is the most common pattern of conflict in a committed relationship but it’s also one of the most damaging because it’s motivated by revenge and control, in this case, he’s ignoring you. After all, he wants you to feel the pain that uncertainty provokes he wants you to feel that anxiety and uncertainty he wants you to plead with him to communicate with you it puts the power and control in his hands now don’t get me wrong this is not a healthy way to solve any dispute or disagreement the silent treatment is tremendously damaging to your relationship because it reduces the capacity to communicate in a way that’s healthy and meaningful.

I’m going to tell you exactly how to handle this manipulative behavior in just a second but first i want to tell you the second way a man might be using the silent treatment to manipulate you and that is when he’s playing games and pretending not to care this is often the case when you have no idea why he’s ignoring you see at the beginning of a relationship a man may believe he has to play hard to get or pretend not to care in order to sustain your interest and get you wanting him more for example a man who doesn’t feel he’s getting enough attention from you you know he might engage in some manipulative behavior in hopes of creating doubt or fear or jealousy in the relationship and get the attention back on him this kind of behavior is a powerful form of manipulation that sadly can be very effective because it works he’s purposefully ignoring you or taking longer and longer to respond to you because he wants you to experience that uncertain panic response so that you’ll be more receptive to him when he does reply but make no mistake about it if he’s doing this he will not push it too far because he doesn’t want to lose you he just wants more of your attention , True Love Is When He Ignores You and is using this as a manipulative tactic now on the other hand if he goes days and days without responding to you or seeing you and you don’t know why then you are likely dealing with reason number two.

2.  He doesn’t care about you

when a man wants you he usually makes it known beyond a shadow of a doubt he pursues you he’s constantly texting you and calling you and wanting to see you yet when he really wants you it’s usually very obvious in fact he probably even lets you know in advance if he’s going to be away from his phone or unavailable for a while and ignoring you in this case would be the last thing he would ever do because he would be afraid of disappointing you or losing you again if he’s pretending not to care he may make you wait a little bit before responding but he certainly won’t go days and days without responding and if he’s ignoring you to punish you you probably already know he’s angry so if it’s not these last two then When A Man Ignores You because he just doesn’t care in this case he may be stringing you along or using you as a place keeper until someone better comes along and if he’s doing that he’s certainly not going to tell you instead his behaviors will often reveal much more about what he’s really feeling as they say actions speak louder than words and of course this can be a difficult truth to accept .

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We often choose to believe that someone is just busy or naturally bad at texting which is why they are ignoring us but don’t believe that for a minute everyone knows how painful it is to be ignored so if he’s ignoring you he really isn’t concerned about your feelings or maybe he’s trying to break up with you but doesn’t want to deal with the confrontation of hurting your feelings he would rather fade out of your relationship than end it properly so if you feel him pulling away and making excuses not to see you then he’s using ignoring you as a breakup method he’s hoping that you’ll eventually get fed up with being ignored and end the relationship yourself or you’ll just stop trying and the relationship will fizzle out without any kind of confrontation. True Love Is When He Ignores You

True Love Is When He Ignores You

So Let’s Talk About The Best Way To Handle When A Man Ignores You Each Of These Situations The Three Tips To Turn Things Around

1. Do This If He’s Ignoring You As A Form Of Punishment

If you’ve had an argument or a fight he might be ignoring you until the situation calms down especially if he’s uncomfortable with conflict or feels that arguing is counterproductive even so being ignored when you’re angry is incredibly frustrating and not a healthy way to solve a dispute so how do you turn this around well first do your best to find out what is wrong and do not give him the silent treatment back if one or both of you need space to establish that and since communication is often the issue try to discuss and understand the situation.

But if your attempts to communicate go unanswered you need to take a different approach remember he is looking for a reaction from you and a sense of control and he gets that when you continue to reach out and call and text and beg him to talk to you and that just leads to continued disdain and contempt and silence and further reinforces his behaviour that almost guarantees that he will ignore you again in the future instead if he continues to ignore you after a day or two consider sending him this final message in a text. (True Love Is When He Ignores You)

-: hey I see that you’re not responding to me

-: I’m not sure why but I want to understand
-: Why you are angry or upset or sad

-: if you’re not ready to talk or if you need space I understand

-: but the silence is hard for me so could you let me know

-: maybe we can find a time to talk in the next few days but I can’t continue with this relationship if you keep shutting me out

And that’s it no more than that and often that is enough to get an immediate response and usually provokes a communication within a few days nevertheless your job is done and you must let it go and stop trying to communicate trust me if you’ve been trying and trying to get him to talk he will notice when you’ve stopped and that’s when the tables get turned.

2. Do This If He’s Pretending Not To Care Or Playing Games

pretending not to care is motivated by insecurity and him wanting to feel better about some aspect of the relationship he wants to know how much you care or to find out how you feel about him and obviously, all this comes from low self-esteem and an unawareness of how he’s hurting the relationship so how should you handle this well call him out on his behaviour and see how he responds you have a choice in this you can choose to confront a guy and ask him what he’s feeling and also be prepared for him to become angry and defensive because no one likes to be found out remember he might not fully understand why he’s doing what he’s doing or you can take his indifference as a clue that he’s truly not interested in you and move on you don’t have to be a victim of another person’s lack of consideration for others so this conversation will either challenge him to stop the games with you and attempt to be real or he will simply move on to someone else.

3. Do This If You Feel He May Be Fading You Out Or Breaking Up

With you if he no longer initiates communication and is very slow to respond to you with one or two-word answers then he’s using ignoring you as a breakup method he’s hoping that you’ll eventually get fed up with being ignored and the relationship yourself or you’ll just stop trying and the relationship will fizzle out without any kind of confrontation so what do you do in this situation instead of being strung along telling him this if this isn’t working out for you I understand I just need to know so I can move on without any doubt or hesitation then if he wants to break up with you.

You’ve just given him the opportunity and if he doesn’t want to break up it allows you to have a conversation and (True Love Is When He Ignores You) communicate your needs and expectations for the relationship the goal here is to find out what his true intentions are.

I’ll see you in the next article

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