Most Attractive Traits In A Man – [pro 15 Tips]


Your dating and relationship coach founder of desiredox and I am your coach for you men to go confidently in the direction of the live life that you deserve and to attract that woman that you rebuff in today’s article we’re going to talk about something pretty fun and it’s what women find attractive in a man or most attractive traits in a man and the tips that I’m nonnative you today.

The traits that I’m going to give you today are things that I know for sure myself have to interview thousands of women about this and also kind of doing a little bit of investigation work when it comes to going out there and just chatting it up with women so I’ve got the real good insides for you but before we get started don’t forget to follow my Instagram full of dating and relationship advice for you men to get daily notifications of relationship or dating advice what you need.

Most Attractive Traits In A Man

Most Attractive Traits In A Man, Now Let’s Get Started

1: Leadership Skills

The most attractive traits in a man, number one is woman’s love of leadership skills and a man with a busy life now doesn’t get this misconstrued with a busy life. He’s too busy to even have a relationship but he’s busy enough to be firm on what times that he’s available to fit you in because at the end of the day we do like being apriority but we don’t like being the first priority in the attraction phases we want to see you establish meaning you don’t have to be the richest guy even though so many men think that you have to be and shame on you .

but anyways leadership skills are so important because it shows that you are powerful that you know what you’re talking about and then you go after and conquer what it is that you want and when you have a busy schedule this also shows that your life is of value to yourself so you’re painting this picture of what your life is incredible that you’ve built for yourself and the womanish wanting to see more about this and it’s intriguing to us.

2: You’re Passionate About Something

For most attractive traits in a man,  Trait Number Twit’s A Little Bit Like Number One But You’re Passionate About Something So You Talk About Your Passions Maybe You Are Golfing And You’re In A Golf Tournament Or In Golf Club Or Whatever It Is You Do Something And On The In The Winter Times You Go Skiing Actively What Is It What You’re Passionate About And They Talk About It.

3: You Don’t Know You’re Hot

Most attractive traits in a man, number three someone that might not even know that he’s hot okay so men here is little bit of inside details for you if you play the card of I’m not even that hot meaning not coming from a place of bashing yourself because you’re not hot you don’t say this out loud but you give off the vibe that it’s not always about your looks and at the end of the day you don’t put your looks first so you know put yourself on a pedestal and you don’t even know that you’re really that hot but ultimately the girl that looking at you thinks you’re pretty damn fine next is you’re opinionated okay so you have two different things that go on here and want to be clear clear about this .

you are the type of man that is opinionated but not respectful that’s not what I mean you’re a man that is opinionated in your beliefs and maybe whatever it is that comes to fruition for whatever conversation is happening in that particular moment but your dialogue and how you communicate your opinion is respectful of others you’re not always saying yes and you tend to disagree or agree when the time feels right for you because you are holding yourself to standard it is for how to attract a woman most attractive traits in a man.

Most Attractive Traits In A Man

5: You Take Things Slow

Next, in most attractive trait in a man are you take things slowly all right women love it when men take things slow and the reason being is because it shows us that you’re invested in trying to get to know us but also it doesn’t give us the red flags that you were going hot and happy too soon.  You take time to get to know this woman you plan out dates.

you get hurt excited to see you mean you’re busy all week but Friday the night is the time that you’re going to be able to see each other because of the fact what you’ve made plans and you focus on that and you pay attention and you take things slow because at the end of the day you know that this woman has to prove herself to you in order so she can have you and it same thing as vice versa.

6: he is decisive

The next thing for most attractive traits in a man is, this is significant and this was one of mine is a decisive male someone that is decisive and knows what the plans are meaning it doesn’t go back and forth with you and spends a lot of energy no what do you want to do no what do you want to-do instead like I always say especially in my ebook the seven common mistakes that men make ebook that I’ve gotten .

I’ll put it in the description box below I always say to give a woman options and I also talked about this in my online dating success manual for men and I’ll put that description in the box below but this is something that is so important and when you’ve come off as an indecisive male then this is something that does not align to a woman and kind of she kind of can start thinking that you’re a little flaky so some decisiveness shows a lot of power and women are attracted to power.

Most Attractive Traits In A Man

7: your stylish and put together

Next, this of the most attractive traits in a man is your stylist or you’re just put together you don’t have to be the nicest fashion style sentence guy and you know fashion like one-on-one but you do have to know sort a type of fashion trends that are going on and kind of a line of style with who you are I help you a lot if you follow me on my Instagram I help you a lot with a style I give your ideas I give you clues on what to do.

I change up style depending on your personality types I’m not always focused on one minded style I do a lot so if that was something that interests you don’t forget to check me out on Integra because that’s what I do for you men. We are talking about the most attractive traits in a man.

8: deep voice

Next is they talk in a deep voice woman loves that deep voice they don’t love amen that is insecure in his words and is not confident on how he comes off so what do you do a deep voice means that you’re confident and what you give off I try to do a deep voice that was awkward anyways.


Most Attractive Traits In A Man

9. They have a beard or 5 o’clock shadow

Next are they have little stubble where they can just grow out a little bit of a beard and they find that pretty attractive a lot of women find the most attractive traits in a man and we call it what is it like the five o’clock shadow or something like that I think it’s called so stubble is nice if it’s something that you can do and if not don’t worry about it you have other things you can do.

10. Respect himself and others!

Last but not least as a man that is respectful to himself to her and to everybody around him meaning even that waiter that serves you that glass of wine if you liked today’s video please give it a thumb.

11: educate her and open up challenges to learn more

Next of most attractive traits in a man, which is one of my personal favorites besides a dog is you are smart and full of knowledge man is there nothing bigger than a turn-on than a man that I can learn from that can give me mental stimulation where I can go back and forth with him where he gets what I’m saying he understands what I’m saying and at the end of the day, he challenges me to learn more this is significant and the way you can do this is just by research online, we have everything at our fingertips reading books entering classes enrolling in workshops whatever it is that is so important men so if you have this use it to your capability because let me tell you nerds are in.

12: he owns his lacks which is how to build attraction

Next is he owns his lacks, okay so I had a client one time be so ashamed that he had grey hair like psalm peppier pepper hair because he was only in his late 30s and he said that he looked older and I just held him to send me a photo did not look older it’s all in your perspective.

it’s about how you own it so he used his gray hair as a lack quality and when it was something pretty damn cool because a lot of men don’t experience this and he could use this to his advantage a lot of women don’t look at that and the end of the day it’s pretty damn sexy so bald white hair whatever it is own it because that’s the true confidence that shines. Most attractive traits in a man…

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Most Attractive Traits In A Man

13: he wears nice socks!

Next is a pair of nice socks you know what a man sits down and then his leg goes up and you see a pair of nice socks well I mean maybe that you guys but we women do talking to you like if it’s women getting a little carried away with the socks because you can tell how much that drives a woman I am getting so caught up in the socks thing but this if you’re sogged game is strong then you’ve got something working for you.

14: your smell is key when it comes to attraction. It leaves a memory of you

Next is your smell oh I talk about this so much in the attraction handbook that I made and smell is so important because it leaves a lasting impression and it leaves a memory of you in this woman’s mind for longer when you leave so important.

Most Attractive Traits In A Man

15: You’re Adventurous

Next Is An Adventurous Man Like What Is It What You Do What Is It Adventurous About Your Life You Might Have The Suckiest Job In The World Let’s Just Be Honest But Don’t Focus On That What Is It That You Do Outside Of Your Sucky Job What Is It What You Like To Do You Like To Hiked You Like To Go Snorkelling Do You Are You A Deep Diver Or Do You Like To Go Diving In The Ocean Excuse Me What Is It That You Like To Do Fishing Whatever Its Adventure Of Some Thing Is So Attractive And Lastly Not Only Is Confidence The Big Umbrella Thing Here And The Bird Light Answer Of Everything That Women Are Attracted To But Also Confidence Comes With Dignity.

Most Attractive Traits In A Man

[optional extra advice for most attractive traits in a man ]

Get a dog! This is a slam dunk

Next, most attractive traits in a man, this is my idea because I don’t care who you are if you have the cutest dog and I’m walking by you you will be sure to know that I will come up to you and I will start chatting it up and talking to your dog and petting your dog and talking about you and then all of a sudden I’m having a full-on conversation and I know your life story that’s just me but at the end of the women love pets, they love dogs and they love cats oh it’s so important if you are an animal lover. So these are the most attractive traits in a man. Hope you guys enjoying it.

Most Attractive Traits In A Man

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