Intense Chemistry With Someone

Intense Chemistry Signs on first date

In this article, you will learn the 7 signs of intense chemistry with someone so if you meet a guy and you ‘reexperiencing these things you can be sure that he’s extremely attracted and shares an intense connection with you don’t go anywhere because we’re starting right now if you’re reading this article you probably have a good idea of what romantic chemistry is.

Intense Chemistry With Someon

I mean people talk about it all the time when referring to a first meeting or a first date they ask questions like.

Q. Did you feel any chemistry or did you feel any sparks?

so yes most people have an intuitive grasp of what it means.

But before I share the signs of that intense chemistry with someone let’s start with a quick description so we’re on the same page.

Romantic chemistry is the irresistibly spoken mutual attraction between two people who have just met. It’s a profound connection magnetic pull that you feel towards another person but it’s also a feeling of confidence that the other person feels it too it’s the awesome spark that people look for in a partner and when you share that experience with someone it can be the first sign of an amazing relationship to come to another important note intense chemistry with someone is not something that is easily faked it either exists between two people or it doesn’t.

So if you’re feeling and seeing these signs you can be sure that he’s feeling it too.

And I have a bonus tip at the end that ties all 7 together and amplifies your chemistry so make sure you stick around to get that one too without further ado are the signs to look for.

intense chemistry signs

1 Maintaining eye contact is fun not awkward

Number one maintaining eye contact is fun not awkward when a guy is attracted to you he will look at you and give you lots of eye contact and making eye contact is often the first way to connect with another person but when it’s not right this eye contact will leave you feeling uncomfortable or even awkward.

if maintaining eye contact with a new person feels natural comfortable and even enjoyable that’s the first sign of good chemistry also if you notice that his pupils dilate like this that means he’s attracted and feeling chemistry because pupil dilation is involuntary and it’s impossible to control his pupil should start to dilate the moment you begin gazing at each other also if you notice him breaking gaze to look around your face that’s another huge giveaway so he will be looking into your eyes then he looks at your mouth and your lips and then back at your eyes and maybe your hair those are more signs of chemistry and attraction.

2 Time flies when you are together

Number two in Intense chemistry with someone is time flies when you are together this is one of my favorite signs that you have amazing chemistry with someone people who have experienced amazing chemistry with a partner often describe it as a mental state or out-of-body experience where time flies by and they get lost in what they’re doing when you are together you experience timelessness or a distorted sense of time because you’re so involved and enjoying the present that you lose track of time passing you’re completely focused on each other the ego falls away time flies every action and movement and thought follows inevitably from the previous one it’s effortless like you’re making beautiful music together.

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3 You feel like you’ve known each other much longer

number three you feel like you’ve known each other much longer Intense chemistry with someone makes the other person feel familiar in a way that you can’t quite explain you feel a strain inexplicable sense of recognition when you meet and you are instantly very comfortable with them you may even feel an odd sense of Deja visa if this moment has already taken place perhaps a long time again a different setting and as you get to know each other you feel like you completely get and accept one another.

You often share similar interests and thoughts and strengths and weaknesses and you might come across details in the upbringing that you have in commoner you might have even been at the same events at the same time without ever meeting again it’s a feeling of intensity unfamiliarity the same time.

intense chemistry with someone

4 Your body language is louder than words

Number four in Intense chemistry with someone is your body language is louder than words body language is often a dead giveaway for intense chemistry your non-verbal communication is often louder than your words that’s because both of you may be unable to control the way your body reacts when you’re together.

In other words, you’ll have a difficult time trying to hide what your body is saying that’s because your brain releases specific neurotransmitters whenever you’re around a love interest this brain cocktail causes your blood pressure to rise and produces feelings of excitement and racing heart and breathlessness and sweaty hands so you’ll notice that both of you are blushing or have rosy cheeks you might even have feelings of nervousness.

Other subconscious body language signs of Intense chemistry with someone include feeling comfortable with your crush being very close to you when he’s inside your personal space it feels exciting and may even give you shivers it feels good when he’s close and leaning in towards you it’s like your body has this uncomfortable urge to be as close together as possible.

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5 Hyper-awareness of touch

Number five hyper-awareness of touch people who feel chemistry and are attracted to one another naturally find ways to touch each other and you both become hyper-aware of even the most friendly and polite physical contacts if you catch yourself getting a rush from his hand grazing yours or you feel shivers from a playful touch on the arm while laughing you know that you feel great chemistry with him whether the touching was an accident or on purpose, if you get excited from their touch it’s a sign that the physical chemistry is there but if he’s not touching you or casually bumping Nikolouzou can try casually touching him on his arm or shoulder or bump into him and gauge his response if you casually touch him and he doesn’t pull away that’s a great sign

intense chemistry with someone

6 Stop smiling smiling

Number six in Intense chemistry with someone is you can’t stop smiling at one another is a telltale sign of Intense chemistry with someone. the magnetic energy makes you feel like you can’t stop smiling and neither can he and smiles are magical that’s because the feelings are contagious when you are smiling in response to seeing someone it makes them feel like you’re smiling because of them and I’m talking about happy smiles smiling above the mouth real smiles that extend well beyond the mouth smiles that lift the forehead and give you that slightly squinty eyes if his smile involves his whole face it means you’re genuinely affecting him in a good way.

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7 Playful teasing bantering and flirting

Number seven playful teasing bantering and flirting here’s a fun fact did you know that people become more attracted to you when they notice that you are attracted to them what does that mean?

Well, men become more attracted to you when you demonstrate and they notice that you are attracted to them and that’s what flirting is all about it builds attraction teasing and flirting also enables you to develop inside jokes between the two found helps to develop your bond it shows that the two of you are on the same wavelength and share the same sense of humor so teasing joking and bantering in addition to showing and building Intense chemistry with someone helps to form a deeper connection okay.

intense chemistry with someone

{ Bonus tips }

And the bonus tips that tie it all together and amplify your Intense chemistry with someone number eight tension and lingering on okay well these are two additional signs of intense romantic chemistry the first one is sexual tension is a phenomenon that occurs when two individuals interact and feel sexual desire but the consummation is postponed or never happens this is common between two people who work together or go to school together but do not or cannot be romantically involved for other reasons.

And when you can’t do anything about, it the tension is something that you feel constantly, and last, there’s the lingering part that means that regardless of the situation whether it’s social or work-related or something different you find yourself making excuses to stay around that person a little longer than you normally would and you have no problem doing things that you are not so interested in just to spend time being close to them so if you find that you both linger around longer when you could have otherwise left that’s a great sign of Intense chemistry with someone.


okay, so how do you tie all of them together and amplify your Intense chemistry with someone well that happens when you build an emotional connection and become attached.

I’ll see you in the next article


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