How To Match Sneakers With Outfit

How To Match Sneakers Color With Outfit

The way How to match sneakers with an outfit has an important effect on your look. Do you know what type of shoes must be worn in a certain outfit? If the answer is “no”, here are some recommendations on this subject.

How to match sneakers with outfit

Fresh sneakers are important on a man. It’s like a new pair of boxers or a new pair of socks.


These types of shoes cover your heels and toes. So, pumps and classic shoes are the perfect choices in case of business meetings. Classic shoes assort into skirts, dresses, suits and elegant trousers. Avoid wearing these kinds of shoes when it comes to jeans or large trousers. Heels should also suit each of you. For example, if your feet are thick you should avoid spike heels or “square” heels because they will emphasize their thickness.

Shoes that uncover the heels

These kinds of shoes must be worn when it comes to a casual style. They can be worn with body stockings but also without them.


Clogs suit casual outfits. Avoid wearing them with body stockings or with a business outfit.

Heels sandals

They can be worn in dresses and elegant trousers during the day. Those sandals which have straps at the ankles make the shank seem thicker. Be careful! If you have sleazy feet avoid wearing stiletto heels shoes because they will make your feet look thinner.

Casual sandals

Some of the most in fashion sandals are the gladiator type sandals, which have low soles. Avoid wearing these kinds of sandals with midi skin-tight skirts because they will thicken your shank. Casual gladiator sandals can be worn at work but also on the beach. They are assorted to trousers but also to long or short skirts.

So, don’t forget to be very careful when you choose your clothes and shoes and remember the tips above.


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