How To Make Him Fall In Love With You Forever


learn the 7 tips that how to make him fall in love with you forever these seven tips are based on solid psychological science and there are things that you can start using immediately to encourage the guy you like to fall in love with you don’t go anywhere we’re starting right now…

Hi everyone I’m Maria and I’m a psychologist and relationship coach this channel is all about helping you build great relationships so you can grow happy with the people you love so if you’re interested in making your love life the best part of your life starts now by check this article and hit the comment section.

how to make him fall in love with you forever

On to our topic getting the person you’re dating to fall in love with you.

First, I have to say this there’s no such thing as a magic potion there are no tricks or tactics that will make another person fall in love with you if anyone tells you there is hold on to your wallet and run away fast.

But having said that there are many strategies based on psychological research that can increase the chances that how to make him fall in love with you forever these are things that you should be doing in the beginning when you first meet or start dating a person but there are also things that will help you to get the spark back in your existing relationship,

oh and I’m saving the be stone for last because without doing the last one the others won’t be as effective anyway look falling in love is something that happens to us not something that we make happen by an act of will I mean sometimes it even happens when we least expect it or want but there are things that you could be doing that can kind of kick start the process for both you and the other person so without further a delay here are the seven tips for how to make him fall in love with you forever.

1. Find Reasons To Be Around Them

Because we become more attracted to people who are familiar to us and we become more attracted to people we have regular contact with in other words the more you interact with someone the more they will like you there are so many studies demonstrating this mere-exposure phenomenon the more exposure do you have to practically any stimulus the more you will like it of course that is only if your first impression was positive or neutral if it was negative then you’ll probably like them less that’s because people develop a preference for things that they become familiar with the more often a person is seen by someone the more pleasing that person seems also we become attracted to people we have contact with regular contact is an important ingredient in romance which is why most relationships are between people who live work or go to school near each other so when you need a person you’re interested in don’t be aloof or evasive or unavailable doing so could give them a negative first impression and then repeated exposure will cause them to like you less and less remember first impressions are overimportant be nice and attentive and find opportunities to spend time with that person is this one tips for how to make him fall in love with you forever .


2. Become An Active Listener

Active listening is when you fully commit to understanding what someone is expressing to you and you listen with intent and purpose and without any distractions or interruptions several psychological studies have shown that active listening is related to higher evaluations of social attractiveness so when you’re talking to a guy you like you can boost and heighten your attraction levels by practising active listening think about it.

so many people today are preoccupied with their phones by social media and text so having a conversation with a person who is completely present and in the moment is highly attractive and further cultivates warm feelings,

So How Do You Engage In Active Listening Well, It Involves The Following Steps:-

(A) Don’t Interrupt Or Judge The Person Who Is Talking

(B) Nod Your Head And Give Short Verbal Signs And Lean Into The Person Talking So That You’re Showing You Acknowledge What The Person Is Saying.

(C) Paraphrase What They Said So That They Know That You’ve Understood.

(D) Ask Questions To Signal That You’ve Paid Attention And Are Interested Oh And Laugh At His Jokes Another Thing That Will Make You More Attractive To Men Is When You Laugh At Their Jokes This Makes Them Feel Better About Themselves Besides It Also Shows That You Are Approachable And Confident Enough To Appreciate A Good Sense Of Humor.

3. Give Them The Look Of Love Through Eye Contact And Smiling

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul but it turns out that they’re also the windows to the heart there have been many studies on how nonverbal cues from eyes affect our behaviour towards one another and when it comes to falling in love how you communicate with your eyes can make all the difference that’s because prolonged eye contact can cause two people to feel attraction towards one another some evidence a study published in the journal of research and personality had two opposite-sex strangers gaze into each other’s eyes for two minutes they found that this was enough in some cases to produce passionate feelings for each other so much so that one of the couple seven got married a year later why is that good eye contact is a powerful stimulator of affection and specifically the neuromodulator phenylethylamine or pe a pa is the chemical cousin to amphetamines and is secreted by the nervous system.

When we first fall in love it’s what makes your palms sweat and your tummy flip over and your heart race the more pa your person has pumping through their bloodstream the more likely they are to fall in love with you and while you can’t honestly force someone to adore you if they’re not remotely interested I mean they won’t even let you look into their eyes for that long it’s entirely possible to kick-start the production of peña using this technique and smile when you’re around them smiling makes everyone look more attractive and approachable because it conveys expressions of joy and happiness and when you’re smiling in response to seeing someone it makes them feel like you’re smiling because of them that’s an awesome feeling and of course there are many psychological studies that have confirmed the relationship between expressions of joy and happiness and attractiveness and simply put one’s level of attractiveness can be increased by the mere fact that they are expressing happiness so when you’re with the person you’re crushing on make sure that you give them a genuine smile. This is tips number 5 on how to make him fall in love with you forever.

4. Dim The Lights

Why are candlelit dinners so romantic well first softer lights make our faces look more attractive and softer dimmer lights make our pupils expand and people are more attracted when their pupils are expanded and I’m not making this up infect there have been several famous studies that show this the first was at the university of Chicago where Elkhart has studied the effects of pupil size on feelings of direction in one experiment they took two pictures of the same woman presented it to male subjects and asked them to describe the female in the picture but the researchers had artistically altered the photographs and manipulated the size of the woman’s pupil to be either slightly larger or smaller than they were in their natural state and has noted that none of the men reported noticing a difference in pupil size between any of the pictures.

but this subtle change seemed to subconsciously influence the level of attraction they felt for the woman in the picture when the woman had large pupils she was said to be soft and more feminine and pretty well when the very same woman had small pupils the men described her as cold and hard and selfish .

This is a frequent reference experiment and phenomenon that has been retested using a variety of different methods over the years and it has yielded the same results men find women with bigger pupils to be more romantically appealing we can’t dilate our pupils at will but we can create the right conditions to make our pupils bigger see our pupils expand when they’re robbed of light so dim the lights and hang autocannon they’re getting to the most important one so keep watching because these are more impactful

5. Become scarce

This can be difficult to do because when you like someone you want to spend as much time with them as possible but that can often backfire so just when you’re convinced that you’ve won him over and how to make him fall in love with you forever start being a little less available and then even less until you hardly see you at all you’ve now effectively instigated the law of scarcity and we all know these one people want what they can’t have by constantly being available you diminish your scarce value things are more valuable if your time is scarce it has more value plus absence makes the heart grow fonder and don’t stay out of sight out of mind he’s going to be wondering about you and worrying about you so let him have the thoughts that you’ve had then maybe he’ll be the one read these articles.

6. Make Him Invest In You

How To Make Him Fall In Love With You Forever

People care more when they put more effort into their relationships so if you want your guy to fall in love you have to let him invest in you and I’m not talking about money I’m talking about allowing him to help you with things like small favours or helping you complete a project at home help was studying things that take time and effort the more he invests the more he would like you as a result I know it seems counterintuitive but trust me when he does something nice for you he will be pleased with himself and feel extra warm towards you remember we appreciate and value the things we work hard for so let him work for it.

7. Exude confidence by overcoming your fear of rejection

As we’ve talked about in other articles confidence in both men and women is very sexy and it draws people to you confidence creates an aura that draws people in it shows people that you’re comfortable with yourself and it grants you a certain poise and charm and assertiveness and confident people have a certain air about them that makes you want to get to know them you want to know what makes them so self-assured but while confidence is an almost universally attractive trait its opposite insecurity is almost universally unattractive and unfortunately insecurity or rejection sensitivity is often most notable when you’re dating a person and you fear that they may leave you this rejection sensitivity can also manifest itself in many ways and hurt your relationship

For example, people who are the fear of rejection are quick to assume that when their partner engages in some mildly inconsiderate behaviour not a big deal they assume it reflects something deeper and more personal like lack of love or commitment and then this leads to conflict that is likely to escalate and then the couple starts having more and more negative experiences if you fear that your relationship is going to end you are not likely to behave in ways that exude confidence you’ll act in ways that appear insecure and you’ll probably sabotage your relationship oh and speaking of rejection are you struggling with a relationship or a dating situation that you need some help with I coach people all over the world.

We can work together one-on-one I’ll also include my email address in the notes below so the most important thing is to overcome your fear of being rejected overcome your fear of the relationship ending but how do you do that overcoming your fear of rejection is a gradual process but it begins with rejecting that self-fulfilling prophecy you need to reject that belief that others will always reject you because when you hold on to it you’re going to create situations for it to occur and unconsciously you’ll do things that will push people away and then you’ll use that rejection as more evidence instead you need to end that self-fulfilling prophecy by deliberately looking for signs of acceptance maybe even write them down if you need to getting over rejection also requires that you learn to see it differently I mean no particular rejection is the end of the world for you can survive the end of a relationship or a job that doesn’t work out or a friendship that no longer fits it might be painful but you will survive and you can become stronger as a result .

How To Make Him Fall In Love With You Forever

Look rejection is a disappointment it’s a feeling and it hurts but when you get rejected you cannot assume it means something awful about you have to embrace the belief that if it’s meant to happen it will if you’re not compatible it’s not going to work out in the long run anyway rejection doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you ever it only means that whatever we are asking for is not meant to happen at this time it does not mean we stop living or bare ourselves in a home you must believe that experiencing rejection is not the same as being unlovable or worthless or destined to be alone forever in other words rejection doesn’t have to carry that much weight because you don’t have to let it have I missed any good suggestions or tips for encouraging a guy to fall in love with you if so I’d love to hear them leave a comment and let’s start a discussion

A lot of women think that if they can only look their best and feel loving all the time, they will be able to make their men fall in love with them. But this isn’t the case. Men are complicated beings who make mistakes and have flaws. To make your man fall in the throes of love, you need to show him that you truly care about him. There are many ways to make him feel special.

One of the best ways to make him fall in love with you is to show him that you appreciate his efforts. Men are attracted to women who can make them laugh, so show him that you have a great sense of humour and can make him laugh. By making him laugh, you will be feeding his ego and allowing him to feel better about himself. You will have an easier time swaying him once he starts feeling this way about you how to make him fall in love with you forever.

Once you have made him feel special, you can begin dating him again. He will feel more loved and secure if he is around you all the time. Don’t be afraid to take him out on dates, and remember that a man will miss you more if you don’t do this. A man who is truly interested in you will be more prone to fall in love with you if he feels a connection with you.

If you’re trying to impress your man, there are several ways to get him to open up to you. Men like it when their women are fun, flirty, and intellectual. Try to give your man the best of both worlds. You can do this by buying him something he likes or by teasing him with an interesting question. This way, he will feel special and appreciated.

Men want a woman with a sense of humour. They want a woman who can make them laugh and can make them laugh. Laughing with him is the best way to feed his ego and help him feel good about himself. If you can do this, you will be able to win his heart and show him that you can be the kind of woman he’ll always want to spend time with.

Make him feel appreciated. Men need to feel important. Respect them and listen to what they say. Mutual respect is a prerequisite for a romantic relationship. Besides, you can also spend time doing things you enjoy with him. This will make him feel special and appreciated. Your man will be attracted to this kind of woman. So, do not wait any longer and get started now! Your new man will be yours forever!

If you want to win a man’s heart, try these tips. These techniques will help you become his favourite woman and turn him on for good. They will also improve your chances of getting the man of your dreams. Just follow these tips and you’ll have a guy in your life for a long time. Listed below are some of the best ways to attract a man. You’ll be surprised how easy it is once you’ve tried them out.

You need to invest in the relationship. You have to create the spark and keep it alive. To do this, you need to make time for dates. Schedule a date night at least once a week. It can be a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant, a movie, or an exhibition. Whatever you choose, it must be a special day just for you two. This will not only make him feel special and fulfilled, but it will also help to rekindle the passion that is already there.


Don’t be shy to make a date. Men like spontaneous gestures. If you want to win a man’s heart, take action and invest in the relationship. The key is to keep the spark alive by demonstrating your genuine appreciation for his efforts. You can show your man that you appreciate everything he does for you. This will help him love you even more. This is the first step in making him fall in lust with you.