How to make her miss you and want you back again

How To Make Her Miss You And Want You Back Again

Hello everyone, I’m maria founder of desireDox and I am your coach you meant mastering her attraction skills build the confidence that you want in your lives your relationship lives, and your dating life, and in today’s critical we are going total about How to make her miss you and want you back again.

How to make her miss you and want you back

Alright, so this is when you start questioning like am I important to her or not. You know like you are just kind of going along with the whole dating thing with her and it’s just like you just hit a plateau right you just hit a plateau …..

And you’re like unsure and it’s like you’re not going tithe next move you guys aren’t in a relationship yet or you’re almost in a relationship and you’ve been dating or she’s not showing up for you and she’s not giving you the signs that she really wants to commit to you and she’s not making any progress in this relationship and you want her to miss you and you want to get that attraction back & How to make her miss you and want you back again.

I’m going to give you key things that you can do in this article How to make her miss you and want you back again but what I don’t want you to do is think that this is the end of it what I do want you to do is read another article on how to keep attraction how to master your attraction and the number one thing that keeps you irresistible to a woman.

Because this is the first process but if you follow the first process and you succeed you will fail if you don’t follow the continuing process of attraction because typically if you’re asking me when a client is like maria how do I get this woman to miss me …

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“what’s because the attraction was killed “. You have to reignite that attraction.  You have to get her to want. You have to draw mystery. You have to be the man that she desires that’s decisive that she’s like. I just want and I sexually desire you want that to be you right alright so let’s talk about what you do moving forward.

I always talk about this “missing enhances mystery “ let me just say that again “missing enhances mystery” okay this is the key to everything behind why you want a woman to miss you. Because it increases mystery, the mystery is great in every way and when it comes to courting dating and even sometimes in a relationship.

I know a lot of you can be like what in a relationship yes I’ll save that for another article but it doesn’t mean that you have to be dishonest and things like that but keep things fun keeping things enticing keep things mysterious so the both of you can contain attraction no matter what that’s the key. So here is what I want you to do to get make her miss you & How to make her miss you and want you back again.

How to make her miss you and want you back again

It follows something you’re passionate about or books a trip somewhere okay I want you to go a 100% into something that you really love, what is it playing the guitar, though booked some gigs, go book some big gigs, and be straight for seven days or five days straight, and be busy, go learn how to ski and take classes and stay in a cottage and just learn how to ski and make it your mission to do that or do something in a book a trip go to Mexico go to London go to Australia go somewhere in your country or somewhere in short trip new york city whatever it is a book a trip getaway and start posting things on social media start showing that you ‘refocused on something a purpose.

you’re a hundred % devoted and that you’re giving something your attention because when she sees that you’re giving something else you’re hundred % of your attention. Women naturally want to get that 1% is okay and that is where she’s going to start getting intrigued by what you ‘redoing why is he not paying attention to me. Why is he changing his behaviours all of this is going to come up

so you want 100% focus on this and stop focusing on is she ever going to call me like it’s just did I ruin it like I just want her I can’t live without her if this is your mind frame this is going to kill everything that you’re trying to do and make this woman miss you.  It comes down to a lot of needinesses and getting your confidence back into relationships of what I made it a lot of article about plus going into make her miss you.

So How to make her miss you and want you back again

The next thing is you can’t fake it right for how to make her miss you you I want to mention this as well is you really have to change the behaviors that influence the relationship for her to either push away or for you to want her to miss you , one that one thing I want to be clear about is if you are looking and you’re watching this article and you’re like well just started dating her and I just want to kind of see

how I can build attraction in the beginning phase and things are going well but I’m not too sure that I encourage you to watch that article how to get a girl thinking about you on-stop but in this case it’s you don’t want to fake it because at the end of the day you have to change your behaviors like I stated in the beginning of this article the reason why you’re asking for this girl to miss you is because of the fact that you possibly killed the attraction towards each other for her to see in the light of you to see the light of attraction in you and you have to influence you have to change any behaviors that have influenced.  This activity means what you’ve done means, were you too attentive, were you too available, were you too pushy, were you too needy did you come on too strong what were the things that you do, did, and do exactly the opposite.

But you can’t fake it you really have to get clear on that if this is something that speaks to you and you’re having some questions about how to even transition and stop being needy and stop being attached.

For how to make her miss you, you have to don’t accept all invitations okay when you start doing this just going to start missing you because like I said at the beginning of the article missing is enhanced by a mystery so there’s a mystery involved in the first thing that you cannot do men is what.

She invites you to do something with you or wants to know what you’re doing is do not come out and teller full-out 100% what it is that you ‘redoing would you like to see me on Saturday oh my god I haven’t heard from you in a long time would you like to seem on Saturday night …okay that just killed your month worth of mystery no instead just asking

how you’re doing I’m doing great thanks for asking closed-ended let her respond again oh so what do you been up to I’ve been seeing all these Facebook posts of you and the ski lodge who are you with oh I’m just with some friends and yeah I’ve just been out here you know doing my thing really enjoying it thanks so much for checking in again closed-ended.

Mystery mystery and mystery and a lot of men think um we got Maira how can I do this she’s finally reaching out to me. She’s never going to reach out to me again.  If I do this I’m just pushing her away no you’re not okay calm………..

Those voices down no you are not man I know what I’m talking about here I see it all the time I do it all the time with my clients and it ends up happening if you are a client that I know that you are reading and that this has happened from you drop me a line and say yes these is true.

Because I want you, men, to really support each other.  Show that this does work what I’m saying is exactly what you need to do because when you do the opposite and she reaches out to you after you’ve done this mystery.  Whole mystery thing and done. It will work on yourself and stop and release attachments or neediness and then all of sudden she texts you and you just become a 100% open to the invitation and saying oh hey how are you, it’s so good to hear you, what are you doing this weekend,

would you like to meet up, no it’s too heavy too strong back-up let her now come to you and lastly limit the telephone interactions. When she starts reciprocating and when she starts asking you questions I’m not saying that week down the line not to check in with her what I am saying is to stop being a 100% available to her.

Don’t send her pictures every single day of what you’re doing let her try to figure out what it is that you’re doing and be decisive and what you’re saying and how you’re showing up and stay clear on how it is that you want tube perceived by her you don’t want to beat the man that’s a 100% in I always say man if this woman is not your girlfriend for her to really truly figure out who you are you have to mirror what she’s giving you and then at the beginning sometimes.

It’s 22% you have to give a woman, of course, you want to give respect you want to hold yourself dignity and come from a place of confidence to know that she has to offer you something and it’s not only that you offer her something.

If you liked this article How to make her miss you and want you back again please give it thumbs up and as always I welcome your comments so share your comments below I’ll try my best to answer them as I love love love love hearing from you and as always I’ll see you again in the next article and remember you have always loved bye for now. So this is how to make her miss you and come back to your life again. My advice for all men.

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