How To Keep A Relationship Happy And Healthy

✯ Secrets Of How To Keep A Relationship Happy And Healthy ✯

We started a few years ago to help you guys at home coach yourselves through the challenges you might be dealing with in your relationships & now I am talking about  How To Keep A Relationship Happy And Healthy.

This channel originally started as a platform for reconciliation rights. so basically people who had gone through a breakup, people who are currently in a breakup, people who recently got back together that was kind of the focal point of this channel. but over time we’ve zoomed out and our objective has changed and it hopes to embody a much larger group and that’s because I’m so thankful to report that a lot of what we practice here at Desiredox has yielded results.


How To Keep A Relationship Happy And Healthy


Couples have gotten back together. people are back with their previous partners .they’re happy but they’re wondering now that we’re back together, how do I keep this momentum right, How To Keep A Relationship Happy And Healthy, how do I keep it going, and How To Keep A Relationship Happy And Healthy and so what we’ve kind of started focusing on is the idea of being happily committed so if you are with your partner short term, long term recent ex-back recovery or otherwise.  you’re in the right place.

I hope that these tools help you feel connected and prepared to manage and nourish a long-term loving relationship so this article, in particular, are the six secrets How To Keep A Relationship Happy And Healthy and I think that everyone can see the value in these I know that I applied them to my relationship I know Adrienne and Alexa apply it to theirs and I think that this might be just what you’re looking for

So let’s get started…

1. unconditional love is just a fancy word for acceptance

The first thing in Secrets of Keep A Relationship Happy And Healthy, is when we accept our partners which means that we don’t necessarily always have to love their behaviour or their perspectives or their attitudes about certain things and in many relationships, those differences quickly become tests of how quickly can I have him evolve his perspective, how quickly can I have him abandon that behaviour and that now all of a sudden creates a very combative environment.

right now it’s me versus him we become opponents and not teammates so unconditional love which put in every fortune cookie in the world it’s just a fancy way of saying accept him, accept her accept. the difference except that you might not always be aligned except that their behaviours fluctuate accept the good and accept the bad and that’s what unconditional love looks like and that is a key component to a How To Keep A Relationship Happy And Healthy

2. Don’t Take Things personally

Don’t take things personally and that’s a really big one and it kind of bleeds into the secret number one because sometimes when our partner has a bad behaviour or does something that we don’t like and we insist that they change and they don’t we somehow personalize it right he doesn’t change because I’m not good enough, he doesn’t change because I’m not the one and all of a sudden his difference or her difference is somehow about me and that’s not necessarily true so not taking things personally.

if he or she is in a bad mood if they come back from work stressed out help them find ways to manage their stress rather than personalizing their stress hey honey you look like you’ve had a really bad day your running shoes are by the front door maybe you should go for a one or you look like you’re kind of in a moment right. Now I’m gonna give you the living room to just kind of watch whatever TV you want or if you know that they’re stressed out you know maybe you prepare dinner or whatever works for you,  you know finding ways to help your partner manage your stress manage their stress rather than personalizing their stress is a big secret that sustaining happiness and love.


3. knowing the appropriate time to talk about conflict

This is a big one of the Secrets To How To Keep A Relationship Happy And Healthy and this is something that also is challenging in a breakup because we’re pissed or something happens and we don’t like it and we want to talk about it right now or in the middle of an argument we decide is the appropriate time to talk about something that bothered us months ago and before we know it what was once a little disagreement is now a fuming argument and we’re not on speaking terms and this is as true in a breakup as it is in a relationship timing knowing when to talk about things that are on your mind is essential to a happy long-term relationship.

It’s essential to talk about things that bother you when you’re no longer actively angry about them right if you’re having a moment let the steam exit the potty and take a run take a walk take a nap,  read a book, hang out with a friend, get out of the house, do what you got to do to kind of come back to ground zero of your emotions and wait even a day or a couple days later, to say hey listen you know the other night we got into a bit of an argument and at the time I was really hurt because of X Y & Z thing and I’d like to know your feedback on that is right create a conversation and not a monologue about why they screwed up approach the conflict from a stance of curiosity rather than from control instead of saying you need to fix this, you ask what are your thoughts on how that made me feel get honest feedback to know the way your partner’s mind works and this is an open book test and making him happy making her happy making this last becomes a lot less work and a lot and a lot more intuitive.

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4.  Don’t forget the little things that charm your partner’s heart 

Don’t forget the little things that charm your partner’s heart and the giddy girl and me is excited about this one and I think it’s so important don’t forget the little things that charm your partner’s heart. we get bored of those we stop investing in those you know let’s say you once always left him his favorite chocolate in the fridge and now the fridge is empty no chocolate no nothing or maybe you knew that she loved flowers and you would bring her flowers now no flowers everything’s done nobody’s happy to commit to those teeny tiny little moments that charm your a partner that element of romance is so significant and as women were such emotional connector so that emotional nourishment and feeling that sense of can be very important for us.

a lot of people with avoidant attachment avoid attachment styles may not indulge in those romantic things as much if you’re looking for the specific things that you can do to charm your partner’s heart know their love languages invest time into them invest even if it’s just an instant every a week or every a couple of weeks to show them that you love them it never gets old .it’s always tender, it’s always sweet, it’s always important and it’s a huge secret at a long-term happy relationship.

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5. A balanced relationship

In this How To Keep A Relationship Happy And Healthy, I’ve just recently created a product around the balance of power you know an A brief recap existed every single relationship and it’s kind of how the power between two people EPS and flows back and forth one day you might have a lot of the power, the next day they might have a lot of power. balancing the balance of power is huge. it’s a trick, it’s the secret sauce to a long-term healthy relationship making sure that you’re feeling validated making sure that they’re feeling validated making sure that you give .

receive the love that they give and receive the love that balance is huge that also means be mindful of insecurities be mindful of neediness smothering your partner be mindful of negligence ignoring your partner those big neediness and negligence is on the opposite sides of the spectrum and they top all the balance of power and that directly impacts feeling stable and safe the less balanced that is the more unsafe.  we feel the less we’re willing to trust the foundation of the relationship and before we know it whether we intend to or not we’ve got one foot in and one foot out of our damn relationships and once we got one foot in one foot out the rest starts to get uneasy be mindful of the balance.


6. Freedom

In the final sixth the secret of How To Keep A Relationship Happy And Healthy is freedom free-dumb it is essential.

It is essential that your partner feels free to be themselves and that you feel free to be yourself and that you both pursue your individual goals and dreams all the time new relationship,20-year relationship same principle of freedom is essential never underestimate the power of you investing in you and allowing your partner the opportunity to invest in themselves clients who focus on their independent endeavours see better long-term results they feel more loved.

they’re able to give more love they feel connected to themselves which consequently positions them to feel more connected to their partners so I invite you to be mindful of that and I think if you’re willing to take some time to love you and to focus on you every week you are helping your relationship stay healthy and alive.

because as I mentioned in so many articles you are 50% of this thing and if you’re50% needs effort and TLC and the overall100 % is suffering right,  the overall relationship starts to crumble if you aren’t feeling good in your skin so I would take some time this week next weekend moving forward just to invest in you indulge in your freedom and allow your partner to do the same.

These Secrets To How To Keep A Relationship Happy And Healthy, I’m confident that if you apply them you’re going to see the results that you’re looking for you’re going to establish and nourish and maintain the best relationship and that’s what you deserve and that’s what your partner deserves.

I would love to know whether or not these secrets have been helpful for you if they’ve been helpful today give our article a comment. I’d love to get some feedback in the comment section below or if you want to share the intricacies of your story with me.  I am here to help we’re all here to help, so this is Desiredox, I am Maria and I look forward to connecting with you soon …

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