How To Get A Girl’s Number

♚ How To Get A Girl’s Number 

If you’re afraid of how to get a girl’s number,  you don’t know but you find them interesting or attractive, completely understand.  It’s not easy to keep being confident in situations that you have no control of also fear of rejection is a real thing. Everyone takes it personally and that’s why it’s so painful.

I will tell you how do you ask for a girl’s phone number?  In no time.

Tricks getting a girl’s number can be divided into four phases, that you should get through before you ask a girl for her number. Remember, doing anything rash is a bad idea,  so you should really follow these steps to achieve your goal.How To Get A Girl's Number

After reading the article, you will know how to get a girl’s phone number.


1. Come up with some conversation starters

Don’t be too boring, but it’s even worse when you approach a girl with something weird or even stupid. You have to know what to say but don’t act and say something you wouldn’t usually say. Just be plain and simple.  It’s always best to start a conversation with an interesting question. You can,

For example,  ask her where you can find something. And never use those old-fashioned pickup lines you will literally scare her away.

2. Make sure you are dressed well

If you have a stain on your clothes don’t approach her. She will assume that you are sloppy and maybe she’ll even question your hygiene habits. You don’t have to shine, you don’t need a pricey watch or something like that,  you just need to look decent. It’s better not to approach a girl if you don’t look neat enough. For how to get a girl’s number,  make sure that your hair is done as well, dirty clothes or hair are even more repelling than bad pickup lines. Start with the move

3. Approach her at the right moment

The sooner you approach the better because you never know what can happen. She might suddenly change her plans and vanish.

Therefore, brave and approach her as soon as you can. There’s one thing that you should keep in mind though, there are some occasions in which you should reconsider your action. If she’s with another guy and they seem pretty close,   don’t approach. If he’s her boyfriend, it wouldn’t be pleasant to talk to her. Also, if she is with lots of people,  maybe you will end up talking to somebody else rather than her. All in all, it’s best how to get a girl’s phone number. When she’s alone, or with a friend or two.


4. Introduce yourself properly

You can introduce yourself later in the conversation, but don’t forget to do that. You can even tell her your last name so that she can find you on social media if she wants, but it might sound a bit weird.  It’s your choice, this can be a good thing if you don’t manage to get her number. You can tell her that she has an interesting name, or start a conversation about names. See? You can make a conversation out of anything !! Create a chance

5. Keep the conversation going

Don’t talk little, but don’t talk too much as well.  Turning things into questions is a good strategy to keep your conversation going. Try to be relaxed,  whatever happens. That’s the most important thing. It’s not good if you seem stiff and confused. You just can’t keep the conversation going, then you can approach her some other time if you can do that. If you aren’t, I advise you to give your best and not give up. Don’t think about what to say next,  just talk and relax.

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6. Show your interest romantically

You’ve reached the end of the third phase,  how to get a girl’s number in the middle of the conversation ??,  well, you should show her that she is actually special and that you are not in front of her by accident. Compliment her, but be very subtle.

You don’t know her so anything too attentive can be overwhelming, it’s better to compliment her abilities than her appearance. You can tell her that she’s smart.

For example or that you admire her way of thinking. You can compliment her voice,  as well. If you mention her looks, she might think that you only see her as a pretty object.  Ask for her number.


7. Offer your own number first

This is a good option for how to get a girl’s number, instead of asking for her number, you can be the first to give your own number.  Try to lead the conversation to the point where you can instigate this moment. You can start talking about sharing or borrowing something,  and offer your number so she can contact you. Don’t strain yourself,  and stay relaxed. Don’t think too much. You can even say something like “ you know so much about that. Can I give you my number so you can tell me more about it when you have time .?? You can give me yours, as well. “  that would be pretty smooth.

8. Ask for the number for sharing something interesting

It’s best to talk about movies, music, or tv shows. Try to ask how to get a girl’s number so you can recommend some awesome things. This is,  of course,  if you realize that you have the same taste for music or movies of course. This is the best option because she will gain something if she gives you her number.  Apart from that getting a number in like manner is really smooth and there is little or no chance of what you will be rejected.  If you do, don’t worry,  who knows why she refused to give her her number.



When it comes to figuring out how to get a girl’s number, it really all comes down to following the above steps.

You should follow these steps and tricks how to get a girl’s phone number.

Remember   ➳  prepare to approach her,  start talking, and ask for a number.

I know,  it won’t be easy, but it’s better to try than to miss a chance to meet a new and amazing person and don’t be fake.  It never works and it’s obvious. Be yourself and even if you don’t get her number you will boost your confidence.

✎ 5  key things

  • •           your mindset
  • •           your composure
  • •           your body language
  • •           your eye contact
  • •           your voice tone