How To Dress To Look Slim And Tall

How To Dress To Look Slim And Tall – Tips

I wish I were taller and thinner but the hair you can do something about.

How To Dress To Look Slim And Tall

Large clothes

Many women do the same mistake: wear large clothes to hide the extra weight. Wrong. This kind of clothes will make you look fatter than you are. Choose clothes which fit you, make you look good, which are neither large nor tight.

Heels shoes

You can wear shoes which make you look taller as they will also help you look thinner.


The tunic outfit is in fashion again and you should take advantage of a maximum of it, especially if you have problems with the belly.


If you have problems at the bottom and the thighs, the most indicated pair of trousers is the right one.

Avoid folds

Avoid as much as you can clothes which have folds, they won’t help you look thinner, on the contrary. They will add some extra kilos to your silhouette and you surely don’t want that.

Dark colours

Everybody knows that black clothes make everybody look thinner, but that doesn’t mean that you should always wear black from head to toe. Try choosing from a large number of colours such as brown, dark green, dark blue.

Forget belts

Belts aren’t your best friends right now so try avoiding them especially if you have a problem around your waist. The belt will just attract attention to the waist.

Attract the attention

On the beautiful parts of your body. Find something at your body (face, legs, hair) and be careful to attract always attention to this part of the body.