Best 10 Games To Play With Your Girlfriend

10 Best Games To Play With Your Girlfriend- Boyfriend


If you’re looking for fun games to play with your girlfriend, here are a few gems to start with. If you’re a girl who likes to talk to her boyfriend in the text, this list of cool texts to play will help you along the way.

Whether you’re dating someone online or not, these texts can be something special. If you’re a teenage girl who gets bored easily, this text is just for you, here are a few fun games come to play with your girlfriend over text.

We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.

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Enjoy! Here are great games to play with your girlfriend online over text; it’s called 8-ball pool. Just like the name sounds, all you need to do is get two girls and put them in a circle. The first girl to get out is the “Queen”.

You have two minutes to get as many balls in her pool as possible without your partner getting bored. If you play this correctly, she won’t even notice you’re trying to win a game.

Fill in the blanks

Find yourself a guy who finishes your sentences, not your fries. ‘Fill in the blanks’ is simple, fun and will show if you are actually on the same page.
How to play:
All you have to do is send your partner an incomplete sentence and he has to fill in the blanks and vice versa. Make it flirty like:
You: “you love it when I __.’ or ‘I want __ to __ my favourite __.”

Truth or dare

We all know the rules of a regular truth or dare, and the texting version of the game is not all that different. It is a little more interesting because, one, there’s no pressure of playing in person, so you are relatively more comfortable, and two, it is just between you and your partner and not for public display. Plus, you can take a few more seconds to rethink your responses. What a win-win!
How to play:
You ask him to choose between ‘truth’ or ‘dare’ and whatever he picks, and you then ask a question accordingly. You can involve the voice note feature, and exchange pictures (or videos) if you’re doing a dare. Ah, the fun doesn’t end. If needed, set boundaries before you start playing so you both are on the same page about the kind of truth or dare questions for your boyfriend that can be asked.


20 questions

This parlour game is probably already in your repertoire when you’re getting to know someone. Not to mention one of the most fun car games to play on a road trip. The game uses deductive reasoning and creativity to find out what a player is thinking about or referencing.
How to play:
The rules of the game are that your partner has to think of one thing or place or person and you have a limit of 20 questions to guess what it is. Your partner can only respond to each question with a yes or no. If you guess it correctly, it is his turn to ask questions. Here’s where it gets interesting – the subject you pick. We are thinking about a movie like the kissing booth.

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Story builder/storytime

‘Story time’ is a game with a life of its own, where the two of you can build on each other’s creative snippets to make up a story with no boundaries. Make sure it is not as innocent as the ones your parents used to read you as a kid.

How to play:

It is one of the simple yet fun games to play over chat with your partner. One of you starts a story and the other person adds to it over texts. Simple right! Our suggestion would be to make the story slightly naughty to keep things fun. Remember that both of you get only 20 turns each, the story has to end by that time, so ‘set the scene’ right, ladies. But be careful of how you want to shape the story. Remember what ted once said about how I met your mother?

Emoji translation

Emojis are awesome! You would be surprised what you can make out of them by stringing them together. This can be one of the games to play over text.
How to play:
All you have to do is put a bunch of emojis together and your boyfriend has to guess what you are trying to say. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Here are some emojis whose meanings you should know before you begin subtle sexting him!
Another fun game to play with a girlfriend over text is facetime. What’s facetime exactly? It’s a short messaging service for the internet (provided by facetime) where you get to chat via your computer, phone or mobile device while simultaneously viewing pictures and videos.

So, what’s so fun about these fun texting games to play with your girlfriend? First of all, this allows you two to have an “Interactive” conversation with each other. It also gives you the chance to see each other in a different light.

You see, while you’re having a conversation, you can send messages in the form of SMS to make sure she knows something important about you.

However, before you can start playing any of the games to play with your girlfriend online, you have to master one important skill. This is the art of texting while playing games. If you think you have the skills it takes to text while playing games, then you don’t need an explanation. Just remember that you can’t use real words when you’re texting and must instead use punctuation and symbols.

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Never have I ever

Yes, it is mostly a drinking game, but you can play ‘never have I ever on any regular day on texts as well. It is a great way to find out all those deep dark secrets about him! The game usually always becomes borderline inappropriate, but it’s a lot more fun to go all in.

How to play:
The rules of the game are quite easy – you have to say a statement like – never have I ever kissed a stranger – and your boyfriend has to answer with an ‘I have’ or ‘I have not. If it’s the opposite of what you said, that is if he texts ‘I have’, he loses a point. Keep score in this game to score a fun outing with him.

Two truths, one lie

For games to play with your girlfriend, this particular game works both ways and is the best flirty game to play over text, trust me – it gives you an insight into his life a little better and your guesses let him know what you think or expect of him.

How to play:
The rules are simple. Each player gives three statements – two of which are true and one is a lie. The opponent has to guess which one is a lie to earn points. How you want to redeem those points is up to you. *Wink wink*
I remember when I played this texting game for the first time, the price was a loser-to-pay meal. These are the statements I gave:
“I love pineapple on my pizza.”
“I hate dogs.”

“Pink is my favourite colour.”

He thought the first one was a lie because, let’s face it, who can hate dogs? Well, hi there! And that’s how I sneaked a date out of him.

Kiss, marry, kill

This game is all about setting your priorities right. Each player is given three options and then has to tell who they will kiss, who they will marry, and who they will kill from the given options. Arguably, the most difficult game to play if played right.
How to play:
Here’s what needs to be done. Choose three people (these can be celebrities, characters or real people in your life) and text them to your partner with ‘kiss, marry, kill?’ at the end. The answer may surprise you.

What if…

Remember the third addition to ‘truth or dare’ called ‘situation’? ‘What if…’ is basically that in the texting world. It can be played in person with a group of friends too. An imaginative but effective two-people chatting game, it will test boundaries and show if your partner is really ‘into you’ or not.

How to play:

Text a ‘what if…’ scenario to him and he will reply with what he would do in that particular situation. It is up to you if you want to take the questions to the next level or not. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, so just be creative. Example:

You: what if I were to tell you I thought you were cute?
He: my reaction would depend on if you are single.

Question for question

In these games to play with your girlfriend, this game, you find out more stuff about each other through questions and not answers. Best texting games online, didn’t get it? This will help.
How to play:
You ask him a question and he has to answer it with another question. Use your Sherlock Holmes skills to know him better with questions. Your goal is to figure out what’s on his mind. Remember, neither of you should give a yes or no answer. That’s the only rule here.

Here’s how it works. When you receive a message on your phone, write it down. Then, take a look at your screen and write the message again, but this time, make sure it looks like a normal text message. Make sure you write it while looking at your phone.

Now, when you play games to play with your girlfriend, make sure you respond to her. The key here is not to reply to her but to ask her what she wants to say. Be playful and choose words that will tickle her fancy and make her curious. You see, this is the perfect opportunity to get into a little conversation with her.

After all these easy steps, there is one more thing you need to do. As you text her, make sure to make eye contact with her. By doing this, you’ll be making her feel special and cared for. It’s important to say nothing and just focus on her without saying a word. Once you’ve managed to do that, you can then play some phone games for couples.

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Games to play with your girlfriend online for couples have many advantages. Apart from the fact that you’ll be having fun with her, you will also be learning something while you text her. Most people who play these games never end up texting their girlfriends. Instead, they end up talking about their lives. So, as you text her, keep some interesting topics up your sleeve.

The reason why playing free online games for couples works well is because girls love to talk about their interests. This is especially true if you are interested in them. So, while games to play with your girlfriend, be ready to ask her about her favourite movie or book, her fantasy novel, or something else that’s of interest to you.

By doing so, you’ll have a great chance to build a friendship with your girl. In turn, this will make it easier for you to try out different subjects that you know something about, which in turn, will result in having great conversations with your girlfriend over text.

Remember, games to play with your girlfriend, it’s important to know what your girl wants you to do. You must always respect her wishes. In other words, don’t act on her suggestion unless you think she said it. If you want to learn something new, let her guide you. After all, women love to feel that they are in control of the relationship.