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10 Secrets About Women’s Brain

What are Female Psychology Facts ?

Neurologists made a list of 10 things men should know about Female Psychology Facts. Louann Brizendine, a neurologist at California university in San Francisco pointed out the most important moments in a women’s life which affect both her body and brain.

“Women have less direct relationship to anger…When a woman “bites” her tongue to avoid expressing anger, its not at all socialization. A lot of it is brain circuitry. Even if a woman wanted to express her anger right away, often her brain circuits would attempt to hijack this response, to reflect on it first out of fear and anticipation of retaliation. Also, the female brain has a tremendous aversion to conflict, which is set up by fear of angering the other person and losing the relationship. Instead of triggering a quick action response in the brain, as it does in males, anger in girls and women moves through the brain’s gut feeling, conflict-pain anticipation, and verbal circuits.
Scientists speculate that though a woman is slower to act out of anger, once her faster verbal circuits get going, they can cause her to unleash a barrage of angry words that a man cant match.
Typical men speak fewer words and have less verbal fluency than women, so they may be handicapped in angry exchanges with women.
Often when I see a couple who are not communicating well, the problem I see is that the man’s brain’s circuits push him frequently and quickly to an angry, aggressive reaction, and the woman feels frightened and shuts down.” Louann Brizendine, The Female Brain

Neurologists made a list of 10 things men should know about Female Psychology Facts. Louann Brizendine, a neurologist at California university in San Francisco pointed out the most important moments in a women’s life which affect both her body and brain.

Female Psychology Facts


Louann Brizendine mentions in her book “The Female Brain” the most important things men should know about a Female Psychology Facts to understand her behaviour.

1. The pre-menstrual symptom affects women more than 80%. Their state of mind is in permanent change because of their hormonal level. 10 days from the moment menstruation appears, before ovulation, women give great importance to the way they look and search for sexual opportunities because of the estrogen and testosterone level augmentation. The worst women’s state of mind appears 12-24 hours before menstruation occurrence.

2. Woman intuition is more a biological matter than a mystical one. In Female Psychology Facts Research shows that women can identify, by mistake, all kinds of messages hidden in their voices or all kinds of body language signs. They often know what their employers, husbands or strangers plan.

3. In Female Psychology Facts Women hate conflicts, but more than that they hate the lack of reaction. The chemicals that float a woman’s brain during a conflict block her, more when the conflict concerns the relationship with the lover. Women prefer a bad reaction to no reaction at all.

4. Women give different responses to pain and anxiety. Studies made over the years show that men react differently to pain and fear than women. Moreover, women’s brain seems to be more sensitive than men’s, being affected by the most little stress stimulation. This is an explanation for the Female Psychology Facts that women are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.

5. Women avoid violence. Facing a threat, men react according to the saying “run or fight”, while women prefer “offer or friendship”. They are likely to choose strategic alliances with possible attackers than a physical fight.

6. Women’s libido decreases immediately. Certain areas of a women’s brain should pause to have an orgasm. Studies show that any women’s sexual desire can disappear if she is nervous, or has little self-estimates.

7. Pregnancy lowers women’s brains. During pregnancy, women’s brains (Female Psychology Facts) lower about 4%, according to a study made in 2002 by the “American Journal of Neuroradiology”. It recovers its dimension 6 months after giving birth. Other studies mention that because of hormonal changes, mothers seem to have memory problems.

8. In Female Psychology Facts – Nursery, harder than cocaine. A mother feels the need to consider everything around her predictable. And because the baby’s development depends on the mother’s state of mind, women find relaxation during the nursery. According to a study published by “Journal of Neuroscience”, a nursery relaxes a woman’s brain better than cocaine.

9. Women live adolescence twice in a lifetime. At about the age of 43, in Female Psychology Facts, women live again the adolescence changes, because of the hormonal sudden modifications. This period lasts between 2-9 years. The apogee is at the age of 47-48, the second adolescence being surpassed until the age of 52.

10. Women love risk at old ages. After 50, in Female Psychology Facts, women’s appetite for adventure grows. While at this age men are looking for socialization, women tend to look for conflicts, get involved in community matters or look for different activities that please them.


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